On Tap Water Purifier High Grade (7+2)

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The CB013 allows you to enjoy your filtered water on tap! This high grade water filter attaches directly to your existing tap so you can enjoy clean, filtered water every time you go to the tap without having to remember to refill a jug or container! The handy 3-way lever allows you to switch between filtered and unfiltered water with ease (providing 2 modes of unfiltered water- regular stream or the water-saving shower spray option).

The CB013 features a simple and compact design, and will attach to almost any faucet type. The unit includes a faucet adaptor kit which allows for easy installation onto a wide range of faucet types. For a list of faucets that are not compatible with the Cleansui On-Tap system, please see our website.

The CB013E comes with Cleansui’s High Standard Filter, which removes 9 potentially harmful and unwanted contaminants in your drinking water, including bacteria. In fact, the proprietary hollow-fibre membrane filter effectively removes particles as minute as 0.1micron, leaving you with clean, tasty water which retains the healthy and beneficial minerals. The filter has up to 900 litre, or 3 month replacement life. Replacing the cartridge could not be easier, with a simple twist mechanism to remove and replace the cartridge when required.


Model No: CB013E

Size (mm) W x D x H: 131 x 100 x 59

Weight (when filled with water): 200g (300g)

Initial Water Flow: 1.6 litres/minute

Filtration Performance/Cartridge Replacement Life*:

  • Free residual chlorine: 900 litres
  • Turbidity (rust, bacteria etc): 900 litres
  • Trihalomethanes: 900 litres
  • Chloroform: 900 litres
  • Bromodichloromethane: 900 litres
  • Dibromochloromethane: 900 litres
  • Bromoform: 900 litres
  • Soluble Lead: -
  • CAT (chemicals, pesticides): -
  • 2-MIB (moulds): -
  • Tetrachloroethylene: -
  • Trichloroethylene: -
  • 1,1,1- trichloroethane: -

Cartridge Filtration Performance: 7+2 Substances Removed- High Standard Filter

Cartridge replacement notification function: N/A

Replacement Cartridge: CBC03E

* Cartridge life span/capacity is offered as a guide only and can vary based on region and/or water quality

  • Model: CB013E
  • Manufactured by: Cleansui

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