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In the extraordinary wilderness of New Zealand a maverick bunch of kids experimented with something that would change the world of adventure travel and science.

Last Paradise uses the world’s most exciting adventure story to address the world’s most crucial issues. In this age of looming energy crisis, climate change, obesity, and diminishing wilderness it inspires solutions through the spirit of innovation and fun.

In 45 years of the most stunning original footage we join the extreme sports pioneers in the 60s and 70s to discover cultures and virgin paradises that few ever saw. We witness what  was once “normal” for our planet, how dramatically it has changed in one lifetime and the key to saving it.

This multi-award winning film is the lifetime work of physicist/speaker/adventurer, Clive Neeson.

Hear recommendation from Professor Adam Green - listen / watch

Filmed in East Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Mexico, Portugal, Spain.

Edited for National Geographic. NTSC DVD, plays anywhere in the world.

Inspiring to all age groups in science, history, geography, ecology, film & sports education.


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